Tips on Retirement Planning with Gold IRA

gold-advisorIf you have decided to purchase gold for your retirement planning there are a variety of methods and opportunities to choose from. The best way to go about investing in gold is to find a method that will offer you a profit return that will make the investment worth your while.

Gold can be purchased in the form of coins or even bars. You should consult with a professional IRA company such as Regal Assets to help you make the best decision. Your investment in gold is the most secure when you ensure that the gold is stored in a location that is away from your home and only you and your custodian and one other person knows about.

Storage methods need to be taken into consideration, some storage facilities could end up costing you a lot of money. However storing your gold on your property could end up being an unwise decision as you run the risk of losing it through a burglary.

It is important to know that your gold investment may take time to offer you a satisfactory return. This is due to the low economy and you may need to wait for the right type of investor to offer you a good return on the investment.

Finding a reputable company for your IRA gold account is paramount. You should be able to feel secure with the company that will be handling your retirement planning. You will be required to give out many of your personal details so you want to ensure that your custodian of choice is someone you can trust.

To ensure the safety of your investment you can go onto a site such as the BBB which is (better business bureau), when selecting a company for your gold retirement. A reputable company will approach your retirement with honesty and integrity and will be able to guide you in making informed decisions on your investment.

All precious metals including gold change in value all the time. With this in mind it would be wise to find out the worth of gold before you decide to purchase. At the same time when you decide to sell it may be wise to wait it out until you can obtain a higher return.

On commencement of your IRA account be sure to familiarize yourself with all the fees you will be liable for. These fees may include handling, processing and shipping, the fee should be a nominal amount. Companies charging exorbitant fees are an indication to take your business elsewhere.

Your gold should not take longer than seven working days to be delivered, ask your custodian to provide you with an agreement that is signed by you and the IRA Company on when your gold should arrive.

Gold is a precious metal that has shown to hold value and is great way to secure your future for retirement. It is advisable to be mindful on when to cash out on your investment to ensure you are able to take advantage of the highest possible return.


Avoid the Dollar Collapse by Investing in a Gold IRA

gold-picWhile the collapse of the dollar has not yet come to fruition, many investors and economists expect falling dollar values as inevitable. Because of that, many financial experts recommend that their investors invest heavily in gold to protect their portfolios from complete loss. This is because investing in precious metals is considered an ideal way to hedge against a collapsing dollar and inflation. As a result, many investors have opened a Gold IRA (individual retirement account) to diversify their portfolios.

Because of the potential of a collapsing dollar, traditional individual retirement accounts might not provide adequate returns during the retirement years. This is because of the fluctuating prices of the stock market and the uncertainty of the economy. The dollars devaluation as a result of the federal government’s mismanagement appears to be getting worse as the nation continues to struggle repaying debt.

Maximizing Investment Returns

Many investors recognize that they are missing the opportunities of solid returns by opening a Gold IRA. This is because a gold individual retirement account serves as a viable and profitable option for every self-reliant investor who no longer wants to leave their financial future in the hands of others.

In recent years, the government has made the Gold IRA option available to individual investors as a way to open a tax-deferred IRA account and own physical precious metals. This type of investing provides a place for physical assets in an investment portfolio that avoids many of the pitfalls of stocks and bonds.

A Gold IRA is not limited to just gold investments. Investors can choose to purchase platinum, palladium and silver as well. However, all precious metals held in the account must be securely stored in a depository approved by the IRS.

Managing Retirement Funds

There are many ways to maximize retirement benefits by opening a Gold 401(k). Once opened, the funds are transferred from your former employer’s account into your new gold IRA account. This will often provide you with fewer restrictions to gain more control over your retirement funds once the rollover is complete. The rollover into a Gold 401(k) usually makes it far easier to take full management control of your retirement funds through direct access.

In fact, a Gold 401(k) provides you options to invest in a variety of trading instruments including stocks, bonds and real estate. In addition, there are less administrative costs involved in a self-directed Gold retirement account. This is because you become the custodian of your assets, which eliminates the expenses associated with your former employer controlling the funds.

Taking Delivery

As an investor, once you reach the predetermined age of mandatory withdrawals you can finally take delivery of all the precious metals in your IRA custodian’s vault without any IRS penalties. In fact, any IRA owner not yet reaching the age of mandatory withdrawal can request to take delivery of all their physical assets. However, the IRS assesses a penalty when making such a move. It is always essential to consult with a tax advisor or CPA when removing the assets before the mandatory withdrawal age.

While it is not advisable to invest the entire portfolio into gold, it is highly prudent to diversify a specific percentage of 10 percent to 20 percent in gold or other precious metals. This is because the United States’ financial and economic security seems not very promising.

With the national debt calculated into the trillions of dollars and no financial or economic relief appearing on the horizon, diversifying in gold makes sense. Because the status of the economy does not seem sustainable, it is important to hedge against the uncertainty by investing in gold for the retirement years.


Regal Assets Review: Protecting Your Portfolio from the Risk of Inflation

Banner_1_250x250Since the financial crisis of 2008, central banks around the world have been aggressively increasing liquidity in order to stave off a market crash.  However, history shows us that this type of behavior can be quite damaging to currencies and can result in significant inflation, if not hyperinflation.  This is one reason that gold and silver have appreciated significantly over the last decade.  This Regal Assets review will look at whether you should use their services to protect your portfolio against the dangers of inflation.

Regal Assets is a provider or precious metals investment services.  They are also known as one of the top Gold Ira company in the United States. They sell precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.  They also offer gold IRA retirement options.  They are more than just a seller; they offer pressure free comprehensive advice to prospective clients.  They can explain both the rationale for why one would want to own precious metals in addition to what metals make the best sense for your portfolio given current market conditions.

When you buy precious metals, it is important that you buy from a reputable dealer.  There have been stories on the internet about fake tungsten bars being pawned off as gold.  Most retail investors probably would not know how to tell a fake coin from the real thing. Regal Assets reviews all metals they have in inventory to make sure that they are genuine prior to distributing them to their customers.

Regal Assets is a very well known brand with an excellent consumer satisfaction rate.  Their website is filled with numerous independently verified customer testimonials.  They also have a very solid rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Many celebrities such as Alan Thicke, Jerry Doyle, Dennis Miller, and Alan Colmes have wholeheartedly endorsed their services.

Another problem that has plagued the precious metals industry in recent years is the availability of the product.  Many have attributed this to supply shortages created by an artificially low price due to the deliberate manipulation of the paper gold market by bullion banks.  There have been many reports of people trying to buy gold or silver via the internet and it taking many weeks or months for the metals to arrive.  In contrast, Regal Assets offers prompt shipping with every order.  Generally one can expect the order to arrive within 3-15 days of one placing the order.

Another advantage of buying through Regal Assets is that they offer to buy back your precious metals purchased through them at preferential rates.  Most gold and silver dealers earn a significant spread on the price when one buys or sells the metal.  Regal Assets business model is based on earning money when they sell the metals to you, and allow you to sell metals you bought from at market rates without you having to take a haircut on the price.  Since most people invest in metals with the hopes of one day selling them at a higher price, this option is a very compelling reason to buy from Regal.

In addition to buying gold directly from Regal, you can set up a gold IRA with them.  This is significant since most traditional financial services firms shun hard assets and do not offer gold backed investment options for retirement accounts.  However, given the significant risk of inflation endemic with persistent periods of low interest rates, no retirement portfolio should be without the inflation protection of gold.

Regal Assets makes opening a gold IRA very easy.  They can have an account set up in less than 24 hours after you send them the paperwork.  You only then need to transfer the money into the account from your existing custodian, or deposit money already withdrawn from your existing IRA account.  Regal Assets reviews all purchases within the accounts and makes sure that the account stays compliant with IRS regulations regarding retirement accounts.

As governments around the world continue to run tremendous fiscal deficits, they will continue to need central banks to print more and more money just to maintain solvency.  Common sense says that this situation cannot last without the currency losing its value.  If you want to protect your hard earned money and retirement accounts from the devaluation of paper assets, you should seriously consider investing in tangible assets such as gold and silver.  Regal Assets has the expertise and pristine reputation which one should look for when investing in precious metals.


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